2020 International Juried Exposition

postcard image from 2020 international juried exhibition by center for photographic art in carmel, ca

2020 International Juried Exhibition

Juror: Aline Smithson, Editor-in-Chief, Lenscratch
Center for Photographic Art
Director: Ann Jastrab
Carmel, CA

I met Ann Jastrab at the CENTER Santa Fe review and she has been a tremendous supporter of my work. For this exhibition, over 2500 images were submitted. 110 were selected by juror, Aline Smithson. (40 in the gallery and 70 in the online show.) Aline is one of our champions in photography. I find her own photographic work technically superb and often whimsical in subject matter, resulting in a large body of work and countless awards. (I’m especially fond of this series she did with her mom.) But that’s only the start as Aline is a beloved fine art photography instructor and also runs the website, Lenscratch, which features a new photographer every single day.

Thank you to Ann and Aline for including me in this exhibition.

Here is the image that was accepted. I’m including its companion poem, though this exhibition was only photography. FYI, this image also won an Honorable Mention at the Los Angeles Center for Photography 6th Annual Members Exhibition. Limited edition prints of this artwork are available on my project site, I AM: For the Love of Nature.

Read Aline’s comments on the show here.
Purchase a catalog (print or digital) of the show here.
Purchase a fine art print (from me) of this photograph here. Use code PATRON for special pricing.

Equus Among Us

photograph of nude woman in a feild with horses by roxanne darling

Equus Among Us

Equus Among Us

More than 10X my weight,
they could crush me.
But they too are considered prey.

So we stand together
in the morning in the meadow
unbridled and undressed
aware of each other yet
minding our own selves.

The big sky.
The big field.
All the big horses.
And little me.