Thank you for stopping by. I created this page to link over from my Instagram, where I share my many interests and provide links to some of my past endeavors.

I’ve had several careers in this lifetime and I love the eclectic experience that comes from being both a marine biologist, ballet dancer, motivational speaker,  health trainer for American Indian tribes, public speaker, web developer, and now, artist.

So, there you have it! Please contact me if you have questions or want to talk.


I do photography, drawing, painting, performance, and installations; you can see some of this here.

Current Project:
I AM: For the Love of Nature
Purchase my book of poems and photos there, too.

Art Blog:
Learn about shows and go behind the scenes of my art-making.

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I have a sporadic audio podcast on the topic of consciousness. It’s on my personal blog, In the Transition, that I started in 2004. I’ve done a fair amount of personal coaching over the years. This site is where I explore the topic of what it means to be a human, living with limits and boundaries, space and time.

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I’ve been active on social media for a long time. You can find me at “roxannedarling.”

Instagram: I make a #10SecondsofStillness most days and share art, podcast, and pics of my everyday life.

Twitter: I show my politics and converse with friends and colleagues around the world.

LinkedIn: All kinds of various biz activities here.


My partner and I created Bare Feet Studios LLC in 2004. We have offered services from database development, web design, social media, project management, design, and fine art.

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IN 2006, we launched one of the first video podcasts, aka YouTube shows, called Beach Walks with Rox, co-starring our dog, Lexi. You can see all 778 episodes of our award-winning show.


Just for Fun!

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