Hey, thank you for stopping by. This is the place to learn a little about my various iterations and experience. It’s also to help you navigate to those areas that interest you. I’ve had several careers in this lifetime and I love the eclectic experience that comes from being both a marine biologist and ballet dancer, a motivational speaker and a health trainer for American Indian tribes as well as Johnson & Johnson.

My occasional musings can be found here on the Art Blog. Otherwise, feel free to learn more about my many interests below.

This website is for my art.

I invite you to join my artist email list. You’ll receive 2 welcome emails (after a bunch of clicks to confirm yourself) and then I intend to send news once a month.

All of these other websites are additional things I do or have done. Some are old…

My Consciousness Journey & Podcast

I also have a blog from 2004 that hosts my musings on consciousness. I’ve done a fair amount of consciousness coaching and am a channel for divine source energy. It’s also home to my podcast, In the Transition. I also offer silent retreats.

Video Podcast from Hawaii

I starred in and co-produced a video podcast (nee YouTube channel) from 2006 – 2016. That is Beach Walks with Rox – 778 episodes of “a little aloha every day.” I had the most amazing co-star – Lexi Dogg. (Brag: We’ve had well over 2M downloads; most of the content is evergreen so have a look when you’re feeling out of sorts.)

My Company

My partner and I have a company that he started in 1996 – Bare Feet Studios LLC. It is a web development and digital design company; I also used to do a lot of social media consulting and training; won a few awards along the way. We still have that – though a lot of our web work has morphed into art.

WordPress Blog Development

Our “blogs for artists” (and solopreneurs and nonprofits) mini-site is Bare Feet Blogs.

My partner, Shane Robinson, Artist

Shane Robinson, has a BFA. He spent 20 years as a database programmer. In 2010, he started making art again. I think he’s brilliant, whether coding or painting.

Social Media

Oh, I’ve been active on social sites for a long time. Most places you can find me at “roxannedarling.”

Instagram: I make a 10 Seconds of Stillness story every day; share art, podcast, and pics of my everyday life.

Twitter: I tend to show my policies here and share bits and pieces of my path to consciousness.

LinkedIn: All kinds of various biz activities here.

Facebook? I deleted my account in 2018.

So, there you have it! Please contact me if you have questions or want to talk.