I AM: Self-Portraits in Nature

photo: I AM: Discussing age at sunset with a saguaro

I have completed a series of nude portraits in nature, most of which were made during a two month tour of the western U.S. Having experienced numerous difficulties in childhood, being outdoors was literally and figuratively a life-saving experience for me.

I have written poems to accompany many of the photographs. As a lover of words, I think they can deepen the viewer’s experience of the images.

Each image is available in an edition of 6 plus one A.P. I am seeking opportunities to exhibit the work and would love for a female artist-focused collector to acquire the entire series.

A book project is in the works. Please contact me for details. Thank you for viewing the work. (Click on any image to open full size.)

What is this series about?

  • The natural desire to be unclothed outdoors, in the privacy of precious places;
  • A newly discovered quality of self-acceptance in my 60’s, despite decades of being quite vain;
  • An appetite to create art from the female gaze, to reclaim my time, my body, and my somewhat formal point of view;
  • My fascination with creating beautiful works of art that are free of artifice, makeup, and faux anything.
  • My desire to create performance art that celebrates individual freedom and self-acceptance and gratitude for wild open spaces.