The First 100 Drawings

black and white drawings, channeled

About the Drawings

friend, Jeff Juhlin, suggested I join the #100DaysProject and commit to making a hundred drawings. In some ideal world, this happens on a daily basis. I did make a new drawing every day early on, and it was very useful for me. Then, life interrupted quite a bit and not being one to fall prey to irrational pressure, I gave myself the space and time to finish on my own time frame.

I never dreamed that I would unearth a unique style and vocabulary of elements! Here are the few small commitments I made to the work:

  • No preconceived ideas; just show up and let my hand/body start moving on the page.
  • No measuring or pencil sketching on the page; each stroke was drawn in permanent archival ink.
  • No images were rejected; I numbered and shared each one.

Of course there are some I like more than others but this exercise of staying in the present and not judging during the process removed a lot of the usual angst and confusion that many artists experience. Likewise, starting with a daily practice took the onus off of each drawing. Alas, there will be another one tomorrow.

I created a video so you can scroll though all 100 and see my process and progress. I’ve also uploaded all of the images so you can find your favorites at a glance.