I AM: Nude Portraits in Nature

I am working on a series of nude portraits in nature, most of which were made during a two month tour of the western U.S. I have always been a flower child-type of person, one who comes alive in nature. Having experienced numerous difficulties in childhood, being outdoors was literally and figuratively a life-saving experience for me.

This series is clarifying many issues for me:

  • The natural desire to be unclothed outdoors, in the privacy of precious places;
  • A newly discovered quality of self-acceptance in my 60’s, despite decades of being quite vain;
  • An appetite to create art from the female gaze, as a type of reclaiming my time, my body, and my point of view;
  • My fascination with creating beautiful works of art that are free of artifice, makeup, and faux anything, really.

I am in the process of writing poems to accompany each photograph. I want to have a show as I think each image strengthens the others when viewed in the contrast of so many different settings. In many of the images, I am resting. This, for me, is a strong statement of feeling safe at last, even while vulnerable, and also because I’m tired of pushing myself so hard for so long to live up to others’ desires and expectations.

In other images, I am often standing, bearing witness to the places I still want to visit and the many journeys I have already completed.

“Thought provoking and πŸ’― relatable. Beautiful imagery.” ~ Jana McMahon, Private Chef on Maui

“Love love loooooove this!!!!!😍🌈” ~ Monicka Clio Sakki, Artist & Creative Consultant in Europe

“They are all so fantastic!” ~ Jane Quigley, Business advisor in New York City

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