Roxanne Darling, Mistress of Her Own World, watercolor, 9x12

Watercolor Paintings from the 1990s

There was a time in the mid 1990s when I had gone through my second divorce and was waffling between careers. I was living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, an artist’s Mecca. I signed up for a watercolor class in the evening, joining a room full of mostly women (mostly older than I was) as we learned about paper, paint, color, and shape. I had no art training whatsoever.

All of my paintings were made from photographs, except the “goddess” paintings. They were inspired by postcards I found on a trip to Maui. I loved the original images, and, wanted to use them as inspiration but not to exactly copy them. I wish I had the originals as I would like to credit the artist who inspired me. Read more

Tony Walholm and Darrell Orwig, Jurors for the Voyaging Exhibition

Voyaging, 2016

My darling partner, Shane Robinson, gave me a blank canvas that he made himself on my birthday, December 31, 2015. He wrote a special message on the canvas and it came with these conditions:
“Make a painting by your next birthday or the panel reverts to me.”

Fair enough. The blank canvas sat in my office on the floor. Months went by as I started gathering ideas. Things coalesced in the spring and in the span of less than a week, I created this painting. It was barely dry when I dropped it off for jurying, 15 minutes before closing time. The next day, I received my acceptance email. #Ecstatic! I took the I AM binary message and stamped it on a black top that I wore to the art opening. I enjoy creative expression without concern for whether it’s “high brow” or “low brow.” Read more