collage of shots magazine cover and B&W image of woman lying on the ground in joshua tree

Shots Magazine Selection Summer 2020

collage of shots magazine cover and B&W image of woman lying on the ground in joshua tree

Shots Magazine Editorial Selection

I entered work for the Shots Magazine theme, Into the Wild, in late Spring, 2020 — my first submission to a print publication. Having my work accepted? It gave me the “chicken skin” and a heart full of gratitude. You can find me in Shots Magazine, Issue No. 48, on page 23.

I love how they describe their editorial process, so I’m quoting it here, slightly condensed:

SHOTS Magazine is a beautifully printed black & white quarterly in world gone digital, not an on-line publication.

An independent, reader-supported journal of eclectic fine art photography now in its 34th year of publication, SHOTS is known for its democratic presentation of work by a variety of photographers from around the world… Each issue has a theme…We don’t care about what kind, brand or model of camera you use, which format, whether you used film or digital, what apps or filters. We care about vision, about quality, about depth, about meaning, about magic.

This is one of few images in my series, I AM: For the Love of Nature, that I’ve processed in both color and black and white. This allows me to dance in more than one world; photography collectors and fans often have a preference for one or the other. I want to take advantage of the tools that allow me to express the range of ‘vision, meaning, magic’ that a single image can express.

In a MeToo Kinda Mood

black & white photo of a woman laying on the ground in joshua tree national park

In a MeToo Kinda Mood

Incest, rape, assault
are prickly propositions.
‘Don’t say those words out loud.’
So maybe a picture
can tell the thousands
of memories…
be still.
I won’t wear a crown of thorns
I’m no martyr.
But the space
between my legs,
once small & unsafe,
is now mine to manage.

2020 International Juried Exposition

postcard image from 2020 international juried exhibition by center for photographic art in carmel, ca

2020 International Juried Exhibition

Juror: Aline Smithson, Editor-in-Chief, Lenscratch
Center for Photographic Art
Director: Ann Jastrab
Carmel, CA

I met Ann Jastrab at the CENTER Santa Fe review and she has been a tremendous supporter of my work. For this exhibition, over 2500 images were submitted. 110 were selected by juror, Aline Smithson. (40 in the gallery and 70 in the online show.) Aline is one of our champions in photography. I find her own photographic work technically superb and often whimsical in subject matter, resulting in a large body of work and countless awards. (I’m especially fond of this series she did with her mom.) But that’s only the start as Aline is a beloved fine art photography instructor and also runs the website, Lenscratch, which features a new photographer every single day.

Thank you to Ann and Aline for including me in this exhibition.

Here is the image that was accepted. I’m including its companion poem, though this exhibition was only photography. FYI, this image also won an Honorable Mention at the Los Angeles Center for Photography 6th Annual Members Exhibition. Limited edition prints of this artwork are available on my project site, I AM: For the Love of Nature.

Read Aline’s comments on the show here.
Purchase a catalog (print or digital) of the show here.
Purchase a fine art print (from me) of this photograph here. Use code PATRON for special pricing.

Equus Among Us

photograph of nude woman in a feild with horses by roxanne darling

Equus Among Us

Equus Among Us

More than 10X my weight,
they could crush me.
But they too are considered prey.

So we stand together
in the morning in the meadow
unbridled and undressed
aware of each other yet
minding our own selves.

The big sky.
The big field.
All the big horses.
And little me.

poster for How to Write an Artwork Essay

How to Write an Artwork Essay

poster for How to Write an Artwork Essay

Mining Your Artwork for Meaning and Methods

I was recently in a funk with my artwork from so much sheltering in place and the repetition of my schedule, my meals, etc. I am not complaining; I have it pretty easy compared to many others. But the funk is still the funk! So I listened to the audio version of the New Yorker art critic, Jerry Saltz’s, How to Be an Artist. It worked. And led me to write an artwork essay about my current photo series.

One of his points that stuck with me was about placing one’s art in the current moment and not try to fit it into art standards or methods of the past. He inspired me to embrace my tools, my methods, and my results as being part of my creative commentary on today, for today. Read more

Poetry and Prose for the Planet

photo - saying goodbye to my merchandised self by roxanne darling

Poetry and Prose for the Planet

Friday • August 14, 2020
12 – 1 pm EDT

The Cream Literary Alliance and the City of West Palm Beach Office of Sustainability present Poetry and Prose for the Planet, a literary event examining climate change.

This event features the following:
Roxanne Darling: artist and poet
Richard W. Emory, Jr.: author of Fighting Pollution and Climate Change: An EPA Veteran’s Guide How to Join in Saving Our Life on Planet Earth
Eduardo Condes: poet
Ellis Elliott: poet
Amy Dahan: poet
Laurie Kuntz: poet
David Spielberg: poet and writer Read more

Solo Show and Artist Talk at galleryFRITZ

photo of roxanne darling sitting in the grass a storm approaches

I AM: For the Love of Nature

31 January – March 15 2020

EXTENDED for two more weeks!
540 S Guadalupe St
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Opening Reception: Friday, 31 January

Artist Talk: Saturday, 15 February, 2-3 pm

Project Website:
Read more

Presenting on Climate Change at the Norton Museum of Art

The Cream Literary Alliance in West Palm Beach is hosting an event on climate change and I’ve been invited as the featured presenter to show my photographs, read a few poems, and discuss how my work is in support of the love of nature. This 90-minute program is part of the Norton’s Art After Dark series — free events at the museum on Friday nights. Read more

LACP Members’ Juried Exhibition

photo of woman in a field with horses

Mustang Convertible by Roxanne Darling

About the Exhibition

Opening: August 10th – 6-8 pm
Show Dates: August 10-31, 2019
Juror: Douglas McCulloh
Sponsor: LACP Sixth Annual Members’ Exhibition
Location: dnj Gallery
3015 Ocean Park Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405 Read more

photo: I AM: Discussing age at sunset with a saguaro

Juried Exhibition: unconstrained at ASmith Gallery

photo: I AM: Discussing age at sunset with a saguaro

Discussing Age at Sunset with a Saguaro

My piece, Discussing Age at Sunset with a Saguaro, was selected for the ‘unconstrained’ juried exhibition at the ASmith Gallery in Johnson City, TX. Since it’s relatively close to home (here in Santa Fe, NM) I used the opening to take my first solo trip in the RV to attend. Let me tell you – I had a wonderful trip from start to finish! I’ve attached a few photos from the trip and really touched a nerve with my RV in the sunset in West Texas. Seems there are many who at least dream of heading out on a solo adventure to somewhere. I am all in favor of it. Read more

Limited Edition 5×5 Prints For Sale at CPW

Two photos by Roxanne Darling

In May, I participated in my first official photography review at the Center for Photography, Woodstock in NY. As a result, I was invited to submit two images to be part of their annual 5×5 fundraiser. These are images printed at 5×5 and then framed to 10×10, in limted editions of 5 each. All proceeds are donated to CPW to support their scholarships and ongoing programs. Read more

photo of woman standing in the middle of the road, by Roxanne Darling

Recent Shows and Photography Reviews

Occupying the Present

I’ve been very focused on developing my photo series, I AM: For the love of nature. My ultimate goals are a solo show and book. My path is to submit to juried exhibitions and photography reviews. So far, I’ve been greeted by much support and acceptance. I do what I do because it speaks to me deeply — and — it feels wonderful when other people acknowledge my work.
Read more