My earliest memory of making art that I liked was in the third grade. I was home sick and my mom, herself a person who loved sketching and drawing, brought me paper and coloring things – I don’t remember exactly. But I remember the result, it was an arrangement of purple iris flowers I had in my room. And I remember the great satisfaction at having made something that was fun to do (the Process) and that I also liked when I was finished (the Product.)

Decades passed. I took the occasional art class. Otherwise, I proceeded with a multitude of career paths from marine biologist, to ballet dancer, to fitness studio owner, to keynote speaker, corporate health coach, to marketing consultant, at which point I fell in love with the internet. There were many creative activities in those years, alas, I filed my writing under business and my design under marketing. I didn’t label myself an artist. It turns out I’ve been producing and performing art for most of my life.

In the background, I’ve been a lifelong student of consciousness, an art lover, and a mildly experimental traveler to places and ideas out of the mainstream.

I arrive here and now, ready to share art and writing of a more personal nature, as an expression of my ideas and to further develop my skills. I was thrilled to have my first serious painting accepted in a juried exhibition. I am eager to create more and write more.

You can find links here to my other life adventures – I’ve had an array of interesting careers. Plus my social links are on this page, too.

A few of the Artists Who Inspire Me:
Cindy Sherman, Judy Chicago, Marina Abramovic, Georgia O’Keefe, Mierle Laderman, Louise Bourgeois

Recent Exhibitions

2018 “The Creative Portrait” at the Los Angeles Center of Photography

2018 “Electron Salon” Curated Exhibition at LACDA, Los Angeles (Photography)

2016 “Voyaging” Juried Exhibition at the Hui No‘eau, Maui (Painting)