I am an emerging artist living in Santa Fe, NM. I work in various media, including photography, ink drawing, painting, and the conceptual installation. Words are important to me, so they often play a role in my art. I’ve been fortunate to work in many diverse professions — all of which feed into my creativity as an artist. I am a member of the #metoo community, a lifelong feminist and meditator. I intend to bring a gentle and thought-inspiring consciousness of the power of nature and self- acceptance in my work.

I’ve had a multitude of career paths from marine biologist, to ballet dancer, to fitness studio owner, to keynote speaker, corporate health coach, to marketing consultant, at which point I fell in love with the internet. There were many creative activities in those years, alas, I filed my writing under business and my design under marketing. I didn’t label myself an artist. It turns out I’ve been producing and performing art for most of my life.

In the background, I’ve been a lifelong student of consciousness, an art lover, and a mildly experimental traveler to places and ideas out of the mainstream.

I arrive here and now, ready to share art and writing of a more personal nature, as an expression of my ideas and to further develop my skills. I was thrilled to have my first serious painting accepted in a juried exhibition. I am eager to create more and write more.

You can find links here to my other life adventures – I’ve had an array of interesting careers. Plus my social links are on this page, too.

A few of the Artists Who Inspire Me:
Cindy Sherman, Judy Chicago, Ana Mendieta, Marina Abramovic, Georgia O’Keefe, Mierle Laderman, Louise Bourgeois

[hoto of Roxanne Darling, Santa Fe artist