Roxanne Darling is an emerging artist currently focused on self-portraits in the American West, which are accompanied by her poetry. Themes of self-acceptance, MeToo, and concern for our natural world weave consistently through her work. Her art, especially her black and white drawings, often include a sense of whimsy and positivity. As a combined visual, conceptual, and literary artist, words and numbers appear in her work as do influences from her previous careers as a marine biologist, ballet dancer, health coach, and technologist. She is agnostic regarding her tools and has used painting, photography, film, video, and writing along with performance and construction to express her creative ideas. Her work is influenced by (and has been compared to the work of) Ana Mendieta and Marina Abramovic. She has said “I no longer want to segregate my interests as these times call for creative, multidisciplinary, and female-focused approaches to the problems we face as individuals as well as citizens of a struggling planet.”

You can find links here to my other life adventures – I’ve had an array of interesting careers. Plus my social links are on this page, too.

Artists Who Inspire Me:
Anne Brigman, Judy Chicago, Ana Mendieta, Marina Abramovic, Georgia O’Keefe, Mierle Laderman, Louise Bourgeois, Cindy Sherman

What’s New in 2021:
I’m learning about NFT’s and digital currency. There is so much new equity in this art space that honors both artists and collectors. You can find me most places online @roxannedarling and I’m excited about this new wave for the creator ecosystem.

Here’s the first NFT Art Collection I minted:
‘Channeled Ones: Series 1’

[hoto of Roxanne Darling, Santa Fe artist